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Post  DonMarta on Sun Sep 13, 2009 9:23 pm

'Honest' day's work for Kelly (Hollywood Reporter - March 21, 1996)
By Cathy Dunkley

Moira Kelly has joined the cast of "The Honest Courtesan" for New Regency Films. Kelly stars opposite Catherine McCormack and Rufus Sewell in the Italian period drama set in Venice.

Kelly plays Beatrice, a young Italian girl of no means who marries a wealthy older man to survive while her best friend (McCormack) is forced to become a courtesan.

The movie is being directed by Marshall Herskovitz and co-produced by Herskovitz and Ed Zwick. The film is shooting on location in Italy.

Kelly's credits include "Little Odessa," "The Cutting Edge," "Chaplin," "Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me," "The Tie That Binds," "With Honors" and "The Lion King."

Her most recent projects include "Unhook the Stars" and "Dorothy Day," both in postproduction.

Kelly is repped by Ken Kaplan at the Gersh Agency.

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